This image contains a little project I created recently with 4 cardboard packaging inserts from a box of lightbulbs. They were perfect little tubes and I felt bad throwing them away.

I had them stacked up in their original state on this shelf in a high traffic area of my home.

When I finally decided it was time to get rid of them because they were not very attractive, it occurred to me that I could transform them so that they could blend in with the other items on the shelf.


I collected these pieces of coral from two different locations with the intention of displaying them as a piece of art. The set of slender pieces came from a beach in the the Cayman Islands. I put them away when I returned home as I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use them.

On a separate trip to Florida the following year, I noticed that there were many rounded pieces. I knew then that I would combine the two sets to create one display. Both times I focused on finding a few pieces that were similarly shaped, but with the small difference in size from one to the other. I wanted it there to be a small to large theme to the display. The 6-7″plate came from an antique shop, and it too has been repurposed.

Of course, I could have gone to a gallery and purchased a polished piece of art, but this little exercise in creativity  for me was quite satisfying, and I don’t think I caused damage to the environment, or Did I?


And one more silly art project from repurposed materials. One day, when my daughter was in elementary school, I handed her a large piece of foam packaging insert and told her to have her dad help her create a piece of art with it.

They disappeared for a while and came back with the piece below. They had a lot of fun creating it, and the piece still sits on a shelf in her bedroom. It is maybe 13-14 years old!




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