Two very different pictures….

Plants appearing to gracefully hug each other at the edge of a cliff.

Solitary Gracefulness


Spiderman floating over the crowd at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade a few years ago. The angle of the camera, the distance from the crowd, the bright sunny day and blue sky give Spiderman a graceful quality.




Fishing on a Foggy Morning at the Beach

A foggy afternoon at South Padre Island, Texas

Fishermen sat just out of the picture, holding conversation while they monitored their fishing lines. From farther away, the fishing lines were not visible on this foggy afternoon!

Some of the fishing lines to the right are on the drier sand, but all of them appear to be sumerged in the water and they appear to have a reflection that starts at the water level!



My daughter just returned to school from a holiday break. I spend a lot of time there with her this past couple of days before she left. There are three items in her room that I included in this post.

The floppy disc skirt was created by her in response to an assignment in high school art class. The teacher gave her the discs and asked that she create something with them. She named it “Imation” for the brand of the obsolete floppy discs. Her area of interest then, and her area of study now is fashion design.



Another item is this ballerina paining that she autographed.


and this last one is a picture of Teddy.  Teddy does not need a name tag…he has been a part of the family for 16 years and we all know who he is!